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Lima Victor Free International DX Group Since 1979

1979 - 2019 40 years Anniversary 

The Lima Victor DX Club was founded in 1979 in the Netherlands by Piet and two friends 19LV001 Jack and 19LV002 PJ who share the same 11 meter DX hobby experience take over the DX Group in 2009.   Piet is Honorary Member (first founder of LVDXGROUP 1979 with call sign 19LV0101  and can be heard on the band he is 84 years now)
The club is located in the city Bolsward. The Lima Victor DX Club offers a friendly low profile and uncomplicated home for 11 meter radioradio enthusiast. 
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Like many DX clubs you have to confirmed 100 contacts or more. 

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We welcome our newest members Nov Dec 2018 

20LV477 Birger Norway 

20LV447 Einar Norway

20LV815 ED Norway

158LV007 keith 

20LV121 Moi 

20LV005 Vidar (Coordinator Norway)

20LV269 Sandy

20LV277 Stein

20LV009 (HQ Norwway Member)


327LV004 PETER 

20LV137 KENT

20LV177 JOHN

47LV255 Andor

20LV003 KRIS (HQ Norway Member)

20LV255 PIHL 

20LV257 ROBI 

19LV500 Jan

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  • Lima Victor Free INT DX Group
  • Florencestraat 6
  • 8701 CH Bolsward
  • The Netherlands